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Club Connect

Are you an adult entertainer or a strip club owner?  


Our club connect teams do no-strings-attached outreach into local clubs on a regular basis.  Our goals are to selflessly and compassionately serve and encourage industry workers through friendship, prayer, and gifts.  Would you like us to come serve your club?  It would be our honor.  Would you like to join a community of people who will love you unconditionally?  We can help you get connected.  Are you thinking of leaving the industry?  We can walk with you through the transition.  Do you just need someone to listen?  It would be our honor to hear your story!  Connect with us today!

Anti-Trafficking Advocacy

Do you represent a community group, program, organization, or agency?


BeLoved Illinois does extensive networking and training throughout the region with various groups and agencies including local social service organizations, legal professionals, medical professionals, educators, and other anti-trafficking organizations.  


Our goals are to:

-educate professionals on trafficking in our region.

-encourage collaboration among community agencies to develop compassionate responses to survivors and those at risk.

-inspire action in terms of prevention, intervention, and aftercare.

If you or your organization would like to learn more about what you can do to join the fight against human trafficking, we would love to assist you.  Book a training today!

Salt and Light Equipping

Do you represent a church or life group?

Do you want to know what your body of believers can do to support anti-trafficking initiatives in your community while serving and loving people with the unconditional love of Father God?  At BeLoved Illinois, we love connecting with faith-based communities and equipping them to be salt and light in their communities.  We believe in selfless service for positive city change and can help you develop avenues of impact.  We would love to come and share with your church or small group!  Book a speaker today!

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